Flames effect generated by water bombarded by ultrasound. To be filled with water every 8 hours.​

This technology has had some success in recent years, since it is capable of providing a three-dimensional flame effect that is  very realistic  and aesthetically similar to bioethanol braziers,  yet, eliminating the problem of having to handle alcohol and the possible danger  related to the filling process. In some custom made products, the elements can be placed side by side (usually measuring 56 cm or 72 cm in width), to obtain “very large fire surfaces “.

The only drawback, besides the fact of having to fill each single tank of water every 8 hours, is that the performance may be compromised within a few months due to contamination by silt and limestone if you use tap water and not  demineralised water, and you are not careful when  cleaning the indicated parts as recommended.

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