Repetitive flame effect generated by led lights, in square or rectangular format. Heat generated by thermal convector. No maintenance required.

The products with this kind of technological solution can have various sizes and shapes as well as different  layouts for different flames, with or without a wood-burning effect. Vanixa selects the best products on the market from an aesthetical and functional point-of-view, according to the needs of the client and the desired  type of setting. Everything is done to make sure that these effects are  realistic. The heat generated, usually between 1.5 kw and 2 kw, is very similar to that of any thermal convector, and thus tends to dehydrate the air. This can all be controlled in remote. In specific cases,  personalised products can be created.

Electric Lava
Led Flames
Water Electric Flames
Lcd/Tft Flames
Holographic Flames Effect
Bioethanol Flames
Gas Flames
Wood Flames