A recent and innovative technique of "flame furnishing" exploits one of the most well-known optical illusions systems:Pepper's Ghost  which is often used in museums, amusement parks, theatres, and movies. This system works combining  fake wood-burning and brazier elements together with video images projected  onto a 45° tilted glass. The result is quite realistic, even  if not entirely 3D. The available elements are  2 types of “boxes” that measure 74cm to 135cm in width,  45cm in height, and 33cm in depth  (height and depth are the same for both products). Personalised products are very difficult and involve very high costs. Customization in this case is quite difficult due to very high production costs.

Electric Lava
Led Flames
Water Electric Flames
Lcd/Tft Flames
Holographic Flames Effect
Bioethanol Flames
Gas Flames
Wood Flames