Because of the association with gas cookers  It is mistakenly believed that gas produces blue flames. Actually,  gas fireplaces have now reached a high level of sophistication and an excellent quality, generating “wood like flames” : the percentage of oxygen contained in  combustion, in fact, determines the heat  yield and at the same time  the final colour of the fire tongues, which must be a mix of yellow, orange, and red.  The beauty of these fireplaces is that they can also be used for a short period of time, they can be controlled by remote, fuel does not have to be handled  (unless the system uses LPG cylinders), and they do not require cleaning after  use, therefore, they represent an ideal solution, particularly  for city living. Installation may be more or less invasive according to the path that a specific gas pipeline must follow where installed and  to the state of the art of construction or restructuring in progress. Gas fireplaces, both open or closed with glass, are equipped depending on your own taste, with wood logs (built with special resins), coals,  stones of various colours, or glass for minimalist decoration. The wood  logs, depending on the quality and density of the resins, can generate variable glowing effects and  are virtually eternal (be careful not to drop them because they can break!). Created primarily for aesthetic purposes and for easier handling, several of these products actually generate good heat yield, therefore, they must be properly taken into  consideration when  calculating the desired heating potential in a given environment. As for wood-burning fireplaces,  solutions created with a sealed chamber (closed with glass) have an energy yield and efficiency that is greater than open fireplaces (normally around 75% against 25% of open fireplaces). Furthermore, the latter also always requires openings towards  the outside, therefore generating heat loss, and cannot be placed in bathrooms or bedrooms. However, the effect of the flames is certainly very nice and looks real.  Sealed chamber products, normally also called “balanced flow”,  can be installed anywhere, since they do not use external oxygen for combustion: every exchange of air and expulsion of harmful emissions occurs via the same coaxial flue (one pipe inside another) that, in most cases, may even exit through a wall and not necessarily through the roof, also using horizontal pipes that are several meters long. Particular care and attention must be given to the types of materials used for coating fireplaces and for the correct flow of hot air inside rooms. Vanixa helps you to find the best solution in terms of product quality, finishings, shapes, and required installations.

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