Often identified as the easiest way to replicate a real flame without installing flues bioethanol braziers are actually full of  pitfalls. First of all, it should be specified that the market offers products with a very wide quality span  and that use different types of alcohol. Initially without any specific  legislation, bioethanol fireplaces have, in recent years, being submitted to increasingly strict regulations by many European Countries that have imposed regulations in manufacturing and handling, to try to avoid incurring into frequent incidents often involving children. Bioethanol is, in fact,  a very volatile alcohol and should be handled and used with care. A previously used and, therefore, hot  brazier  must  never be filled, since uncontrolled flames may develop, this  is worse if the flames are still burning. Consequently, the products that should be preferred are the electronically controlled ones and those that prevent refilling until an acceptable  temperature is reached. Particular attention should also be given in storing the alcohol in a cool, dry environment, preventing from even accidentally spilling  since it is highly flamable. Bioethanol fuel is defined as such, because usually extracted from sugar beets, corn, and  potatoes, but certainly its combustion (like any other combustion) burns oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, therefore, proper ventilation  is always essential, and it should only be used for a limited amount of time.  You might also find less expensive alcohol on the market, like the ones made ​​up of paint scraps (the smell is unmistakable). The combustion of these products is highly carcinogenic. Thus said, the sizes of the bioethanol braziers vary and allow for large fire surfaces with a sure effect, yet,  without producing excessive heat. Vanixa can recommend the best and safest solutions on the market.

Vanixa proposes for it's projects just Planika Intelligent Fires products.


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