“Se fossi foco arderei lo munno”
C. Angiolieri

“If I were fire I would burn the world “
(C. Angiolieri translated)

Vanixa gives the possibility of enjoying  fire offering  all the existing solutions and the absolute innovative ones as well, starting from those that may  best fit in furniture elements (the electrical version ), and continuing with the more traditional ones ( wood, gas or bioethanol). The attention to the world of “furnishing flames” functioning on electricity (commonly called "electric fireplace"), is thought primarily for  those public or private  buildings, built according to the latest construction standards focused on energy saving and use of renewable energy sources.

Vanixa is the first to have developed, exclusively, a series of products based on the concept of fire and lava, which offer a bright eye-catching result and a strong emotional impact, natural and highly credible, that combines integrated solutions of partial heating and scent systems to make this  furnishing element very beautiful and very functional at the same time.

The ember effect is created using special lights controlled by an exclusive system (property of Vanixa), that lights up randomly and spreads the typical orange color of quartz crystals and pink salt.
The crystals of Himalayan pink salt, have beneficial properties when heated, and  protect from electromagnetic radiation generated by electronic equipment in the home. Where  heating elements are used, heat is spread by means of infrared rays, with high energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The unique  products of the Lava series are all CE certified, projected, designed and entirely hand – manufactured in Italy by Vanixa  Italian Home Flame and  can always be connected to the modern home automation controls.

Vanixa offers flame effects generated by:

lava/ember effect, led flames, water flames, lcd, hologram

fireplaces for outdoor solutions (upon project)


solutions with open and closed gas fireplaces (upon project)

Wood-burning fireplaces
solutions with open and closed  fireplaces (upon project)

Electric Lava
Led Flames
Water Electric Flames
Lcd/Tft Flames
Holographic Flames Effect
Bioethanol Flames
Gas Flames
Wood Flames