"Each person shines of his own light amidst all others. There are no two fires alike. There are great fires and small fires and fires of all colors.
There are people of  “serene fire”, careless of the wind, and people of “crazy fire”, which fill the air with sparks. Some fires, foolish ones, do not light up nor burn. But others burn life with such great passion, you cannot look at them without squinting; and those approaching go up in flames"

(Eduardo Galeano translated)

Often , following the construction of a house or a hotel, you may reach a very  advanced state of work where even most of the furnishing elements and the style as well have been decided.
It turns out you may want to insert an effect somehow linked to fire ; the products of the Lava series in particular allow us to satisfy this specific requirement by implementing the effects of various shapes and sizes of embers, placing them both  in the final furnishings or in those still to be defined.

In addition, Vanixa can advise you on  the best solution for any of your needs, choosing from a variety of opportunities and finishings.

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