“ I am interested in the importance of fire to humankind. If you look back at history, people would often sit around fires and talk to each other; fire was something that unified people. I wanted to look at that emotional connection. Before computers and television were invented, people sat around a flame and communicated with one another: that was the “home life”. I wanted to recreate that sort of emotion in a new and modern way.” Vanixa was something that I had in mind for several years. I had imagined to create something very different from what is already available on the market ; not just a new product,  not just an electric fire, but something that combines design, functionality and desire”.If you observe someone’s eyes looking at our products, they become bigger as  you can see excitement growing. It doesn't matter where in the world you come from : there are no cultural barriers to feeling when something beautiful that invokes pure emotion has been created. When I met the designer Alessandro Russo, he became my “ideas translator” and Vanixa was born; we thought how to create our products in the only way we could as Italians : with design, taste, paying attention to details and beauty, with our innate creativity, imagination and passion.

Italianicious magazine, Australia - August 2014

Fabio Vannini Ceo and Founder of Vanixa - Italian Home Flame

the diapason of love by vanixa

the sea shell of venus by vanixa

VANIXA, a new world
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